Restreams to Your Store Page

We have completed restreams for the launch of the games Insurgency: Sandstorm, SCUM, and World War Z, and have done follow up restream events for game updates and sales events. Feel free to contact us and ask for our testimonials!

We provide 24/7 live streaming coverage to your Steam store page—this provides tremendous value, as it allows for you to have somebody live on your store page at all times of the day, ready to answer questions and show off game features. Restreams are great for sales, free weekends, major updates, or when you just want someone live on your store page. We handle the entire technical backend, scheduling process, and management of the streamers from start to finish. All that is needed from you is the access to connect to the store page using the software/service of your choice (, XSplit, etc.). We handle the rest!

Our focus is to remain live as consistently as possible with little to no down time, which allows us to handle multiple broadcasts at once with seamless transitions between streams, allowing you to retain as much viewership momentum as possible. Because of the way viewership count on Steam works, if your stream goes down, your viewership and rank against other games being streamed will drop (often substantially), resulting in a lesser chance of being featured beside the New and Trending and Top Selling charts on the main store page—the ability to reduce the amount of downtime if a stream goes down is paramount to maximizing the marketing run and obtaining maximum market exposure in the Steam marketplace, and across all of your social media.

During a restream, there will be a streamer on Twitch, YouTube, and/or Facebook Gaming live streaming your game, while simultaneously being rebroadcast to your Steam store page. As alternative platforms to Twitch continue to grow and gain market share, it is becoming increasingly important to procure exposure in these places—as a result, we are constantly working on expanding our networks across all of the major broadcasting platforms so that we can have access to the widest, and most diverse audiences that we can showcase your game(s) to.

Contact us to discuss pricing and further details!