Bug Testing & Quality Assurance Management

We provide bug testing and quality assurance services.

We will obtain valuable feedback from gamers in your target demographic, as well as influencers that are going to make a decision on whether they want to “main” your game on their platforms—it is one thing for them to play it a few times while there is hype around it, but what you really want is a healthy streamer and YouTuber community that is constantly churning out content with your game, as this is what is going to continue bringing new players (and therefore business) into the fold.

We will create, setup, and/or help manage (if you already have one) a bug testing hub via Discord where all testers can be gathered and organized to squash any sort of bugs, issues, organize events to test together, etc. There will be a focus on providing constructive feedback all along the way. This is not meant to be a substitute for traditional bug tracking software solutions, however, it allows for much easier communication amongst the testers (especially those that are not technically proficient), which usually leads to higher quality results for your game.

The Black Site Discord community currently has over 17,000 members with a large and dedicated moderation team, which has required us to learn and understand all of the intricacies involved in running a Discord server, and managing/maintaining communities of all shapes and sizes. The structure that we have developed over the years is easy to use and operate, and is catered towards steering members to the proper channels and keeping them focused on what is going on (whether it be for testing, or just fun community interaction). This also allows the developers to have excellent oversight over their testers, and keep everyone prioritized on major goals and milestones for your project.