Early Access Consultation

If your game is currently in or is going into early access, we will provide consultation on alpha and beta access build requirements for public release and strategic planning of testing periods, play weekends, etc. leading up to release (i.e. how you expose the game to your player base).

What does the prospective player base need to experience during these phases to maximize the opportunity? Releasing a game in an early access phase comes with a substantial amount of inherent risk, as first impressions are becoming exceedingly important—understanding the proper way to manage this risk starting from the reveal, all the way through full release is crucial to gaining, and more importantly, holding on to any hype that is generated around your game once gamers know it exists.

Roadmaps and Keeping People Informed of Development

We will provide consultation on generating roadmaps for the community that reflect the current development status of your project, and shows them a clear and concise path towards bringing them the full suite of features and content to the game to bring it to the completed product that they feel they are paying for.

A player that sufficiently understands your development progress is a happy player, and more importantly a player that empathizes with you and your team, and will even go to bat for your game along the way as other players (both current and potential) may avoid or stop playing altogether due to broken expectations, or the feeling of broken promises—at the end of the day, you as the developers are looked towards to define and educate the player base on reasonable expectations from their team, and most people tend to be quite understanding of the pitfalls of development when they feel connected to it and like they are coming along for the ride.

We will assist you in carefully preparing the right announcements, press releases, devblogs, and any other marketing or promotional materials that are important to mold early and expand upon into the future.