Black Site Community Discord

Over 17,000 members and counting! We primarily cover hardcore tactical shooters and survival games, but also have many other gaming interests. We offer community game rooms and text channels to talk in, general non-gaming community channels, regularly host giveaways, promote content creators of all shapes and sizes, and more.

In addition to the aforementioned community benefits, we offer direct and efficient communication between you as developers, and the community—it is not uncommon to see developers from multiple gaming projects casually interacting in and around our community, even if it is not directly tied to their games. The ability to communicate directly with the community on a platform that is decentralized from your game and focused on fostering mature and open discussions, is a very unique opportunity to hear from and get to know your audience in a less stressful manner (and they greatly appreciate the ability to have this access as well!).

In addition to interaction with the community, we also offer private, dedicated developer voice and text channels where you are free to network with other developers from different projects, some of which you might be a fan of and play yourself!

Community Outreach & Involvement

We are constantly looking for ways to get to know the community, and get them involved so that we are receiving serious, honest feedback and questions from the player base. They know who we are and what we do, and they want to get involved and help.

Community Building

We can assist in helping you to build and/or grow a community that is positive and focused on providing constructive feedback towards your game, helping new players, making friends, etc. We are one of the largest original communities for the Escape From Tarkov playerbase, which continues to be one of the most active and largest sections in our community to this day—our experience with this game and community, among others, has allowed us to develop and refine our systems in order to best serve the community and keep them engaged and involved in your game.

Playtests and Stress Tests

When the time comes to let in the public to any sort of controlled event(s) you plan on doing, we have an entire community that has experience with games similar to yours at our disposal, ready to pack servers and playtest.